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Naturopathic Medicine

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic medicine is a system of medicine that treats both acute and chronic health conditions by blending modern scientific knowledge with traditional medicine. It is a holistic (physical, mental, emotional) and individualized approach based on the persons unique biology. The system involves understanding the individual person (mental, emotional, physical) and applying treatments that help stimulate the bodies own ability heal pain, emotional trauma, acute conditions, and chronic conditions. Dr Azvina uses a variety of tools including homeopathy, nutritional medicine, lifestyle counselling, botanical medicine, and acupuncture. These treatment modalities are combined uniquely for each individual patient to create a treatment plan reflecting their health concerns, challenges and obstacles.

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What modalities we use to treat you?

To bring the body from a state of dis-ease to a state of harmony for both acute and chronic conditions many different modalities are applied by Dr. Azvina as she sees fit for the individual case.


Treatment modalities include:


Botanical medicine

Lifestyle counseling

Nutritional medicine


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Acupuncture is rooted in 5000 years of practice and experience. It is a system of medicine that takes into consideration the individuals mental, emotion, physical state to help identify imbalances in their body. Dr Azvina will complete a thorough intake to diagnose the underlying pattern of disharmony and correct it by applying acupuncture points  to certain parts of the body to help remove blocks and allow energy to flow freely thus eliminating dis-ease. Treatment is provided in conjunction with an appropriate diet and herbal medicine to suit a person's unique needs. Maintenance treatments will need to  be implemented to continue to keep the body in harmony and balance.


During an acupuncture session Individuals may feel a mild prick as the needle is inserted and sometimes a mild ache over course of treatment. This is a good sign that the needle has been delivered to correct area to help clear blockages. Most people find the treatment relaxing and energizing. Treatment frequency is weekly initially and then spread out depending on the individual person and chronicity of the health concern.

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A profound and deeply impactful form of medicine used to treat acute and chronic conditions very effectively. Dr Azvina will achieve this by taking a thorough case and choosing remedies for the individual person that matches their mental, emotional and physical state. Homeopathy helps with clearing emotional traumas, physical pain, and blocks in the body that prevent vitality and recovery. A form of energetic medicine that utilizes the energy of substances (plants, animals, minerals) to create drastic shifts in a persons overall state and bringing the body to harmony.

Bottles of Homeopathy

Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional medicine can be used to treat many health aliments, maintain good health and prevent disease. It may involve creating an individualized eating program for your specific needs, or may require the prescription of specific nutrients or nutritional supplements to optimize some function of your body. Either way a healthy diet and supplementation can contribute to the prevention of several chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer, heart disease, etc. Dr Azvina Mehta will review your diet and make recommendations to optimize your health based on your unique needs.

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Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle counselling involves recognizing lifestyle factors such as unhealthy diet, lack of movement, inability to cope with stress, inability to cope with emotional/mental stress and how these factors can be major contributors to the development of chronic illness. The creation and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle can help in reducing the burden of chronic disease and help an individual live a life by their own design. Lifestyle habits generated that impact a person on the mental, emotional and physical level can have a profound impact on the cellular and genetic levels.

-Inflammation can be turned off by putting our bodies into a parasympathetic dominant mode by meditating

-Telomere length can be protected by nutritious diet, stress management, exercise and meditation

-Cancer genes can be turned on by chemicals from food and pesticides


This can be a journey and process. Dr Azvina will help in identifying lifestyle factors contributing to illness, creating health goals, identifying obstacles to achieving them, and providing tools to help with a  smooth integration of lifestyle change into one’s existing routine. Over time progress is monitored until the lifestyle has been changed and maintained. Dr Azvina’s goal is to create a lifestyle that brings joy, vitality, harmony to an individuals physical, mental, emotional state. This can potentially help with reversal of illness and prevention of future disease.

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Botanical Medicine

Botanical medicine comprises of using different parts of a plants (roots, stem, leaf, etc) to treat or prevent disease. Each part of a plant holds different properties that can help heal, treat and prevent disease. Plants have been used in this way in all cultures for millennia. Dr Azvina will make a unique combination of botanicals based on your health concerns to help stimulate healing.

Botanical (herbal) medicines can be taken in the form of tinctures (a concentrated, liquid form), standardized extracts (capsules or tablets), teas, or salves and creams. Benefits are noted within 2-6 weeks depending on the chronicity of the condition. Once the body has been stimulated, doses are usually reduced to a maintenance level, with the eventual goal of complete removal of the medicine.

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